Breathe this Air:

‘BREATHE THIS AIR’ explores how individuals can become investigators of the problem air pollution within city space and local environments.  The concept of an installation that challenges and discusses how we treat data within the modern world. Working within the south London borough of New cross ‘breathe this air’ visualises air pollution for new public recognition with the issues of air.


It was formed by taking a simple science experiment out of the lab and into the city streets providing rich storytelling and public engagement to the installation. By acting in this way, the campaign provides a new and immersive communication with the viewer in hope to create a resource of debate and a better understanding of their air quality within city space.



The prototype of Creating Data through 10mmx10mm squares that hold soot and dirt.



These square would then be placed on lettering as a grid format. Like the to scale 'B'. The lettering will spell 'Breathe This Air' and would be placed around areas of London. After a month the lettering would then be placed together to create an iterative installation.

Jamie Antin © 2019