Techno Religions and Silicon Profits:


The project was a world-building piece of speculative design that's objective was to show the possible realities of the future. Built on a foundation of extensive research into the socio-political contexts of today, this research was then extrapolated to an extreme and then applied to specific aspects of the future, for example, the seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence in our morning routines.


Taking place in a future in which technology has gone on to replace religion as the world's dominant ideology, we considered the state of the world to be in scalable conflicts, with the main conflict in focus is that of Apple and Google's power struggle for world dominance, as well as the conflicts that would arise between humans and the elements through the advancement of global warming and the complexities that would arise thereafter, for example, a refugee crisis.


The resultant pieces of work consisted of a set build of a future kitchen which was the grey space that allowed the conflict between an Apple and Google devotee to coexist within the real world, this was encapsulated in a short film. On top of this jackets were produced to reflect each brand and how they would alternatively approach the environmental challenges of the future, a personality test was also designed to be able to gauge whether a person is Apple or Google. As well as a series of maps that display the changes in physical geography due to climate change, as well as the power shifts between the respective companies.

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