Millwall Till We Die:

Millwall Till We Die was the response to the brief of celebrating 'Rowdyism' within New Cross' rich history. Through setting the site of investigation at Millwall F.C's football ground on the Surrey Canal Road, the research process led on a journey across the relationships of the club, fans and Lewisham Council. 


The project was documented and structured around a central archive of artefacts, collected through primary, secondary and tertiary research methods. This lateral approach to design was filtered through two processes to form outcomes that would bring together the club, fans and council in the face of ongoing developments of the immediate area.


Taking reference from early 2000's hooligan culture, as well as protest movements such as Punk and LGBTQ, the resultant body of work was rich and allowed for a channel of dialogue to emerge between the respective parties.


Jamie Antin © 2019